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Featured Violas & Testimonials
A closer look at some individual violas,
          with comments from the players that commissioned them.
“Milward is regarded as one of the best viola makers in the UK”     ...A recent comment made by one of the leading international violin houses
                               “The viola has surpassed even my most extravagant expectations.
                                                         It is a great instrument.”...........Ross Cohen,   Absolute Zero Viola Quartet.
16 1/4 in. Viola
“Milward violas are being played professionally in orchestras all over the world because of their consistent tone and tremendous reliability.” ..........Richard Crabtree Prof of Viola Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
16 ¾ in., Viola 2010
16 3/4 in. Viola

Samuel Burstin
17 1/8 in., Viola 2007
17 1/8 in. Viola

Ricardo Zwietisch
15 1/4 in., Viola 2010
‘’David was absolutely brilliant in making a viola which, although in the smaller size, produced the sound and tone quality of a typically large viola. The Milward viola has become the known instrument to have.’’

                                Jenny Collingham, Sorelli Strings.

Jenny Collingham
15 1/4 in. Viola
16 1/4 in., Viola 2011
16 1/4 in. Viola
‘’The viola is everything and more that I’d hoped it would be: the tone is full, even, powerful, and effortless. And it looks gorgeous too.’’

Ross Cohen, violist – Hallé Orchestra, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Absolute Zero Viola Quartet.
15 ¾ in., Viola 2009
15 3/4 in. Viola
Originally developed as the ‘little sister’ of the group this viola immediately became very popular, offering a very pure tonal colour for its size.
16 5/8 in. Viola
16 5/8 in., Viola 20..
The 16 5/8 in., viola is just ever so slightly smaller than its companion 16 3./4 in., twin.
“When you own a Milward Viola you will have a beautifully crafted fine toned instrument made to your personal requirements and satisfaction. You will also have the confidence of knowing that David has many years of experience working with professional violists who make considerable demands of his instruments. These challenges are met with a strong desire to fulfil his clients wishes.”

Richard Crabtree
Prof of Viola Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Richard Crabtree
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