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A high regard for sound craftsmanship, and a free interpretation of established ideas, have been fundamental to the concept of a constructional integrity driven by inspired design.
Where design takes on physical form....
Some recent images.....
Follow the build of a 16 ¾ in., viola in this series of workshop photos.......

The sequence follows a constructional  procedure, each stage leading to the next, until finally the viola emerges in a finished form. The following sequence of pictures follows the build in 2009 of a 16 ¾ in., viola.
Due to the large number of images the sequence is broken up into three galleries. Together these galleries give a unique insight into the constructional process that I follow in my workshop. I hope that you find them of interest.  
Gallery 1.
Gallery 3.
Gallery 2.
16 ¾  Viola completed October 2011
ff  holes on the 16 ¼ ‘Christmas Viola’